Jonathan Kline
Director of Education


  • 08/01-12/03: University of Alabama Birmingham: Birmingham, Alabama
    Master of Science, Nurse Anesthesia

  • 08/98-12/00: Southern Adventist University: Collegedale, Tennessee /
    Zephyrhills, Florida: Bachelors Degree in Nursing

  • 08/94-12/96: St. Petersburg College: St. Petersburg, Florida: Associates Degree in Nursing

  • 08/88-08/93: Oakland Community College: Auburn Hills, Michigan: Associates Degree in Applied Science and Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

  • 08/84-05/88: Rochester Adams High School, Rochester Hills, Michigan: High School Diploma

Anesthesia Experience

  • 10/12-present: Unicom Anesthesia: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

  • 1/12-present: Zypherhills Anesthesia Associates: Florida Hospital Zypherhills
    Hired for the sole purpose of training physician anesthesia staff on ultrasound guidance and peri-neural catheter placement/ management

  • 11/11-1/12: Locum Tenens via Peace River Medical Center
    Introduced regional and ultrasound guidance to the physician and student staff

  • 07/05-12/11: Bayfront Anesthesia Service: St. Petersburg, Florida
    Developed regional anesthesia block program including nerve stimulator and ultrasound techniques

  • 01/05-01/07: Moffitt Cancer Center: Tampa, Florida
    Active provider specializing in paravertebral block and thoracic epidural placement

  • 12/03-12/04: St. Josephs Hospital: Tampa, Florida
    Actively sought opportunities to incorporate regional techniques

Published Books

Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Ultrasound Guidance for Anesthesia Providers
This iBook for iPad is available through iTunes via the iPad browser. It comprehensively covers the topics of relevant peripheral nerve blocks with and without the use of ultrasound guidance and POCUS. It is the first iBook of it’s kind to allow interactivity such as one-touch videos with narration, one-touch searchable sources, multiple image galleries with explanations of each images and more. It allows any anesthesia provider instant access to all aspects of ultrasound guidance and nerve blocks.

Published Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Use of Clevidipine for Intraoperative Hypertension Caused by an
    Undiagnosed Pheochromocytoma:A case Report. AANA Journal 2010;78(4):288-90

  2. Ultrasound Guidance in Anesthesia. AANA Journal.2011;79(3):209-217

  3. Ultrasound guided placement of combined superficial cervical plexus and selective C-5 nerve root catheters. A novel approach to treating distal clavicle surgical pain. (AANA J. 2013 Feb; 81(1):19-22.)

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  5. The Evolution of the Adductor Canal Block: The Emerging Technique for Motor-Sparing Analgesia to the Knee (2014

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  10. Modified dual-injection lumbar erector spine plane (ESP) block for opioid-free anesthesia in multi-level lumbar laminectomy. Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, E-pub ahead of print, Nov 2, 2018. Jonathan Kline(1), Ki Jinn Chinn (2). DOI:

Accepted Articles for Publication

  1. Injection with Liposomal Bupivacaine Mixed with Bupivacaine Can Prolong Postoperative
    Control of Pectoral Spasm After Subpectoral Breast Implantation: Case Report

  2. INTRAPEC injection for open pectoralis major repair.
    A case report, Brian Selai, CRNA, Jonathan Kline, CRNA

  3. Prolonged opioid free analgesia to the lower extremity following popliteal and saphenous nerve block with liposomal bupivacaine and bupivacaine mix for podiatry case. Neil Anderson, CRNA, Jonathan Kline, M.S.N.A, CRNA


Concise review of peripheral nerve blocks and Ultrasound Guidance for anesthesia providers This effective two day presentation comprehensively covers the subject of peripheral nerve blocks on the first day. It begins with the foundation of local anesthetics and the physics of the nerve stimulator and nerve localization. The second day completely covers ultrasound for the anesthesia provider. It also covers peri-neural catheter placement and ultrasound diagnosis of pneumothorax.

Currently, it is the only course that incorporates this format and is exclusively available through my company Twin Oaks Anesthesia Service in St. Petersburg, Florida. Participants follow the presentation with a full color manual that is used for future practice reference, also of my design. This workshop is now recognized by the AANA and has been presented nationally in Chicago and Detroit. The plans are being made for the 2013 schedule of cities.

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