Our courses are specially engineered for the modern anesthesia provider

We specialize in comprehensive AANA approved courses for peripheral nerve blocks and ultrasound guidance, by-CRNAs/for-CRNAs and all anesthesia providers.

This year choose from:

  • Comprehensive Review of Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Ultrasound Guidance for the Anesthesia Provider
  • Ultrasound for the Emergency and Critical Care Provider
  • Advanced Ultrasound for the Acute and Chronic Pain Provider
  • Cardiac Conferences

All of the modern blocks and vascular access techniques are presented with real images and evidenced-based text, taught by an AANA Journal-published CRNA.

Learn the insider information on how to make your imaging and blocks more successful and gain the exposure you need to make your practice more self-reliant and rewarding. From beginners, to polished providers, our courses will cover peripheral nerve blocks, anatomy, and complications in detail.

Are you Actively Serving in the Military or a Veteran?

We are proud to announce that we are an approved vendor to the VA system through the SAM (system for awards management) certification which allows VA anesthesia providers to register for our courses easily. Simply use one of the buttons below to see how you can register at a discounted rate or for free if actively serving in the military.


Are you a student?

Pursuing your education as a CRNA?  You are eligible for a discount, or better yet, a free course.  To learn more, visit our Philanthropy Page or click the button below for full details.

The Nerve Shirts are here!

We are proud to announce and release our newest product, The Nerve Shirt™!  Not only durable and comfortable, but 100% non-cotton microfiber allowing you to wear in the OR as well as have a reference right on your sleeve!  Check out all the details on our Nerve Shirt™ page and order today while supplies last.

 Terason has been an industry leader and innovator for decades. The uSmart® suite of products is backed by a world-class team of technical and educational support specialists located at our Corporate Headquarters in Massachusetts. The ultrasound solutions that Terason has developed optimizes workflow, enhances clinical efficacy and increases productivity for everyday clinical needs. Twin Oaks Anesthesia is pleased to offer all ultrasound attendees the experience of training on the latest ultrasound innovations from our friends at Terason. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.03.20 PM.png

We are pleased to offer the Blue Phantom, two realistic simulators, as medium for needle practice stations, which allow for accurate needle guidance without needing to handle biological material. Anatomic targets are implanted into this safe gel-like material providing an accurate simulation of in-plane and out-of-plane needle placement. It is sure to add depth to your clinical practice for regional anesthesia and all types of vascular access. 


We promise that no other company has as diverse and comprehensive of a presentation of ultrasound guidance for anesthesia providers. Our two-day course will empower you to incorporate regional anesthesia with and without ultrasound guidance to maximize your potential as an anesthesia provider, and benefit patients. Currently no other company even comes close to the completeness and cost effectiveness of our courses. We are confident that you will be satisfied by your excellent conference experience with Twin Oaks Anesthesia.