Disclaimer: Completion of any Twin Oaks Anesthesia courses or the purchase of their iBook does not certify the owner to perform these procedures, but will enhance their ability to understand concepts, familiarize themselves with the risks and benefits of ultrasound guidance and regional anesthesia, and gain knowledge regarding placement and management of peripheral nerve blocks and other procedures discussed within the presentations and pages of the book.

Refunds: Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services will do their best to provide you with a terrific seminar experience. We reserve the right to cancel any course for reasons outside of our control, or deny service to anyone for any reason. Should this occur, your tuition will be refunded to you in full (minus billing fees assessed, if applicable). Should you register for, but not attend, the course, Twin Oaks Anesthesia has the right to retain 100% of your tuition. Regardless of the situation, we will do our best to resolve any issue.

Issuance of CEUs: We ask several times throughout your registration, confirmation and sign-in for your AANA number, and your name the way AANA knows you. At some point the responsibility falls to you, the CRNA to provide us with this information. While every effort will be made to correct any situation, if you can't get us accurate information, then we can't get your information to the AANA an deliver the CEUs to you.