Need some customized training? We have options for you!

Twin Oaks Anesthesia has provided nurse anesthesia programs, as well as multiple hospital anesthesia departments (including Shriner's Hospital for Children in Tampa), with customized Ultrasound Guidance Course taught exclusively by CRNAs

We are committed to providing all professionals in the industry with a sense of confidence through  hands-on training in a multi-media rich environment, allowing each professional to realize they too can be proficient with ultrasound guided nerve block procedures as well as the importance of ultrasound in a critical care setting. Let us help you achieve you professional goals! 


We will provide you with a welcoming and supportive hands-on ultrasound workshop. Dual-screen presentations build a solid foundation of the required evidenced-based text, and simultaneously demonstrate the regional and vascular anatomy.

OPTION 1:  Custom Course

Twin Oaks Anesthesia will consult with your organization to customize a course that meets your immediate needs. This option is for larger groups and would require a spacious area for the presentation as well as the hands-on portion of the course. This would include the following:

  • Determining immediate needs
  • Determining goals and outcomes for the course
  • Developing the course/content specific to your organization
  • Providing an engaging multi-media presentation
  • Hands-on training utilizing state of the art Terason Ultrasound equipment
  • Practice models for hands-on skill development

Course costs will vary based on location and content development. Contact us today for a free estimate and let your organization stand out!

OPTION 2:  Instructor to Institution

Twin Oaks Anesthesia will have an instructor come directly to your institution for a day training. This option is perfect for a small group or department. This option includes:

  • Determination of immediate needs
  • Clinical targeted instruction for anesthesia ultrasound
  • Hands-on practice one-on-one with an instructor 
  • Utilization of state of the art Terason Ultrasound equipment
  • Optimization of current or newly acquired equipment

This gives you the opportunity of having a trained instructor, specializing in Terason Ultrasound equipment, come to your institution and provide training on-site in an intimate and safe environment.  Contact us today and let us help you stand out as experts in the community!