Tampa Sponsorship - Sept

Tampa Sponsorship - Sept

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Looking to sponsor our event? We have a couple choices for you and would love to have you join us! Scroll down an take a look.

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September 14th & 15th | 2019

Sponsoring Twin Oaks Anesthesia

As a national CE provider, we present our curriculum across the country with a focus on Peripheral Nerve Blocs, Ultrasound Guidance, Critical Care Ultrasound, and Advanced Ultrasound seminars for the anesthesia community. The attendees that register for our courses are from all across the country and represent lead anesthesia providers in the industry. As a sponsor, you have several choices to meet your needs.

Why Sponsor?

We do not take sponsorship lightly. Being a sponsor means mutual support, respect, and collaboration. Twin Oaks Anesthesia offers exposure on our website, which currently receives an average of over 8,000 visits per month along with being tagged in our social media posts. Having a positive association with one of our course venues is a huge opportunity for lead generation and face-to-face interaction with top anesthesia providers!

Sponsorship Levels

Silver Sponsor - $500
You get a sponsor table for up to 2 days during the course. This is a great opportunity to pass out your company's collateral, have a hands-on presentation of your product, and face-to-face time with our attendees.

Gold Sponsor - $1,000
Take it up a notch and get a sponsor table for the 2 days giving you the opportunity to hand out your collateral, give hands-on presentations, and face-to-face time with the attendees. Additionally, we will place your logo on our course webpage as a sponsor for optimal exposure to potential registrants as well as tag your company on any of our social media posts (providing that your company has an account with Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram).

Platinum Sponsor- $2,000
Get maximum exposure by going all in! With our 4,000-7,000 page views per month and our highly-acclaimed courses, go for it all.

  • Sponsorship table for 2 days.

  • Your company logo on our course page as a sponsor linking back to your website.

  • Mentioned and tagged in our social media posts.

  • Special mention prior to lunch with presentation slides during breaks and lunch highlighting your sponsorship of our course.

  • Also, we will place your logo on our attendee name badges as a sponsor (availability determined by course size and time of sponsorship).

  • As a Platinum sponsor, you will also have the opportunity to present to our attendees for 5-10 minutes one of the two days.

Sponsor a Happy Hour
We now offer happy hour sponsorships through the hotel venues. Prices vary and allow you to stay within a determined budget while maximizing the time you have with attendees at the course. Your company will work directly with the hotel planner to determine the feel, the food, and the fun that you have in mind while working in collaboration with Twin Oaks Anesthesia to market your sponsored happy hour on our social media platforms. Contact us for more information related to sponsoring a happy hour.

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